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Stacks Creative is a family owned creative company that specializes in video production. Based out of Auburn Hills, Michigan, Stacks has over 15 years of experience in video production.

  • Video Editing

  • Case Studies

  • Documentary

  • Service Promotions

  • Recruiting Videos

  • Event Production

  • Social Media Content

  • Live Performance

Our Story

Grant McClure started Stacks Creative in 2022, after working in film production for over 15 years. A year later he was joined by his brother, Cole, and sister, Kayce, to help expand our reach and better serve our clients.


Growing up, we watched our dad build houses from the ground up. He was a framer and, like magic, an empty lot would transform into a beautiful home. 

Like building a house, we stack layers on top of layers, moving blocks of video and audio around on a timeline, ultimately creating something beautiful. We make it from the ground up and love every minute of it.


We work to create films that are meaningful and impactful. Let’s collect all of the parts and pieces to your story and stack them one by one until we create something magical.

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