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LOGO Shape_edited_edited.png
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What Is Stacks?

Stacks Creative is owned and operated by Grant McClure and is a single-employee creative company that specializes in video production. Based out of Auburn Hills, Michigan, Grant has over 15 years of experience in filming, editing, producing, and directing.

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LOGO Shape_edited.png

My Story

I bought my first camera 16 years ago and stitched together my first video edit. Growing up, I watched my dad build houses from the ground up. He was a framer and, like magic, an empty lot would transform into a beautiful home. My first video felt like magic, too. I was building something out of nothing, but with different tools.

Like building a house, I stacked layers on top of layers, moving blocks of video and audio around on a timeline, ultimately creating something beautiful. I made it from the ground up and loved every minute of it.

I’m still building those videos today. I work to create films that are meaningful and impactful. Let’s collect all of the parts and pieces to your story and stack them one by one until we create something magical.

LOGO Shape (Square)_edited.png

Let's Connect

If you are in need of freelance video production, send a message to Grant using the contact form below. Please, allow 48 hours for inquiries.

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